ISO 9000

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    ISO 9000 are ISO standards for work description. They are not for making the work more humane (see SA 8000 for that), only predictable. They are now merged at the auditing level with ISO 14000 standards, so that natural capital comes before social capital in audit schemes.

    Quality Management Systems are based on 9000, by law, in 80 countries. The year 2000 ISO 9000 family of standards consists of four primary standards supported by a number of technical reports. The four primary standards are:

    ISO 9000: Quality Management Systems - Concepts and Vocabulary

    ISO 9001: Quality Management Systems - Requirements

    ISO 9004: Quality Management Systems - Guidelines

    ISO 19011: Guidelines for Auditing Quality Systems which merges ISO 10011 with ISO 14011 from the ISO 14000 series. This puts natural capital first and foremost in the auditing structure. It is this which the trusted auditor will most likely have to deal with to audit styles of capital involved and affected in any production process.

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