Dueling POV

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    Dueling POV is a better name for the so-called neutral point of view. This contains important lessons for Wiki Management and how to handle conflicts between users. The following is from w:User_talk:Angela, indicating what a central figure User:Angela is in these debates (all text was also released under GFDL and is by w:User:Ark30inf whose further opinions should be solicited perhaps here).

    "Jimbo said on the mailing list during the RK thing (paraphrased) that it is his view that the best articles come from such partisans engaging in mortal combat with other partisans. I respectfully don't see that and instead see the best articles occurring where partisans from both sides write for the enemy, police their own kind, and treat seriously any and every criticism of their work rather than circling the wagons and defending it in a kneejerk fashion.

    I've always tried to avoid being a utopian. But I feel that most of the regulars here regardless of political stripe could deal with that concept if that were the standard accepted here and insisted on. I'm figuring that either Wikipedia will mature and move that direction or someone will fork and try that philosophy. I'll keep watching because the project (ignoring methodology) is intriguing and useful. --Ark30inf


    Oppositional philosophy

    Angela, I think that's really a Jimbo thing. Jimbo believes that partisans fighting over articles produces the best articles. As long as that is true then many people who want to be collegial will be frustrated and leave. This place has gotten pretty far with the oppositional philosophy and I don't blame him for sticking with it. Its just not for me. -- Ark30inf"