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Definitive integrity

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Definitive integrity is what a mathematical proof has, and which code or law has to a lesser degree, and what technical documentation (like this R&D wiki) has to an even lesser degree. Different types of controls or license typically apply to retain the integrity of things that are really only ways to define words to support some action, e.g. delivering the Consumerium buying signal, in our case.

Transparent Consumerium would help ensure definitive integrity since anyone could find contradictions in definitions.

Faction and related glossary issues is about as far as we can take this notion for now. To go further would require some mutual cognition that we probably can only get from the visions, best cases, worst cases and threats, and there just aren't enough of those yet to really tell us what we mean, when we use certain words. So focus energy on this issue there for now.

Ultimately, the Consumerium License will have to have maximum definitive integrity and deal with many constraints on this imposed by the legal world, which is not always as consistent as it thinks it is, unfortunately for us. Dealing with this is a problem of the Consumerium Governance Organization which has also to deal with the worst problem, multi-lingual interfaces where the standard labels mean the same things roughly to everyone everywhere.