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    A Consumerium intermediate country page, e.g. for Haiti, Congo, Liberia, Indonesia, is an intermediate page that details every comprehensive outcome of buying any services from a given country. Consumerium Services manage these in the Research Wiki.

    Such a page includes at least the considerations in types of countries but is generally confined to issues between national governments and also international trade

    Treaties and pacts

    • Inclusion in or exclusion from trade blocs and tariffs and taxes imposed by this
    • List of relevant treaties (human rights, environmental and labor) ratified or not and date ratified.


    • Brief introduction to the major exports of each country
    • Historical development of the economy


    link to Campaigns via special:whatlinkshere for each score and total number of campaigns for each score and vote distribution

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    • Weighed average of campaigns ( sum(campaign score*votes for campaign) / (total votes*number of campaigns) )

    See Countries, Talk:Countries, types of countries, and Consumerium:intermediate product page and Consumerium:intermediate company page for ideas about how to do this.

    The more flexible Consumerium:intermediate region pages reflect issues of actual management and styles of capital as managed in the agriculture and industry of each country, which tend to vary by region in large countries or to be in common across several smaller countries where these exist, e.g. in Scandanavia or Sub-Saharan Africa or the Persian Gulf or South-East Asia.