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Post your suggestions for Conventions here

Important ones go to the top or whatever order you please.

Here's my suggestion for conventions on articles starting with Identifying, but I'm too tired to evaluate if I should post this to the "normative" page. Juxo 01:23 Jun 12, 2003 (EEST)

  • Identifying - Articles that start with word "Identifying" followed by a Consumerium Concept are supposed to fullfill the following requirements:
    • They are to be thought to be normative for XML developers (optimally describing one element)
    • They describe the attribute(s) used to make this element uniquely identified. In some situations there might be multiple alternative/complimenting identification schemes to achieve interoperability, with other systems eg. Countries could be identified by TLD or ISO-3166-1
    • They include at least one way of obtaining this unique key or several parallel ways when possible. Suggestions for source of reference should be included
    • They describe the pragmatic, moral, technological and economical considerations for the chosen identification method
    • They might describe the contained elements and attributes (ie. the content of the element)