Intrashop comparison

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    In Intrashop comparison we take two or more products off the retail shelf (probably listed by barcode) or the web (probably listed by URI) and determine what price premium would be required to make one buy one or another. If their prices and point of origin are known, then a high reliability Consumerium buying signal can be issued that says "buy this one, it is the best balance of price value and moral value and local value." If not, the signal will be less reliable and probably must rely on an abstract score. This information is stored in the Signal Wiki (aka Content Wiki).

    Some people reject the idea of price premium and prefer to think in terms of absolutely-acceptable and absolutely-rejected products. This seems unwise as we all have our limits. However, for these people, prices aren't needed, they simply need a more elaborate signal that's sufficient to convince them that the better price value is the worse moral value or local value. This will require undoing some brand propaganda perhaps, a function of the Research Wiki.

    There is also intershop comparison which Consumerium Services should avoid as it distracts from the main mission, but could be provided by another service that operates on the same healthy buying infrastructure. Unless it is specifically prohibited by the Consumerium License, this will always be possible, and it might inhibit friendly retail operations to some degree - so this should be escalated to the Consumerium Governance Organization.