Anonymous proxy

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    An anonymous proxy is a web server that provides IP numbers on demand to those users who which to conceal where they are on the Internet. It is usually used to serve anonymous feedback and critique sysopism.


    There are reputedly many private anonymous proxies on dialup IP ranges - supposedly used by trolls. Wise sysop power structure of course, which has God's Eye View, knows for certain that "these are all one person", no matter how many IP numbers are used or how many variant critiques of them there are. This is equivalent to medieval scholastics attributing all evil to just one "Devil", and accusing all those who consort or sympathize with that one as "heretics" (an older term for trolls). provided the sysop power structure with the weapons they thirst for to block anonymous proxy users, including righteous trolls. Furthermore, with its GeoIP tools, webmasters can also use to redirect users from different countries, so that no one from outside your country can ever comment on what goes on in your country. Rogue states like the USA or North Korea will find this especially useful.

    CountryCheck was a service available now for those who seek technological escalation against trolls - it exceeds traditional methods of OpenProxy and encourages sysopism.