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    Well this is not actually Consumerium related except that this is an ecological thingy.

    Analogy[edit | edit source]

    If driving a car were like making a call...

    • Owning a car were like having a home telephone.
    • Taking a taxi or renting a car were like using a phone booth or hotel telephone.
    • A car benefit were like an office telephone.

    Bluetooth cars would be like invention of the mobile telephone making everyone forget how we managed transportation needs before this.

    Imagine carsharing like never before?[edit | edit source]

    Imagine semi-decentralised carpooling and carsharing like never before possible... unlimited numbers of use-and-dispose car keys, time-limited keys.

    • Subscribe to a carpool and pay the monthly fee. depending on your fee you get a car delivered to you or one's location pointed out a few blocks away within a certain time period in one or several cities or countries
    • Walking down the street and your Bluetooth device beeps in a certain manner...
    Take it out of your pocket and you see an image of that stunning 3 litre, double turbo convertible, this newest model from your favourite car brand and pricing and availability information presented to you.
    Look around and you see it parked on the parking lot next to you. Press a button to send your service subscriber identification to the car and the car send you the keys in return. Open the car and the car contacts the center via cellular and tells that it has been taken into use by a trusted customer, but does not tell by whom and describes the package you chose.
    Returning the vehicle to the original position or taking it to next customer gives you reduced rates then leaving the vehicle in a random place
    Authorising the car to tell the system in advance, about where and about when the vehicle can be expected to be released from your service also reduces rates, because it allows the system to allocate resources more optimally
    • Bluetooth Carpooling turning out to be very useful for avoiding parking space problems and traffic clogging in city centers and such starts to get tax breaks, cheaper parking fees and cheaper road tolls, thus improving the economics of not owning a car but owning access to car services with you as the driver.
    • Need a pickup, a van or a truck to move some stuff around... everything is available with some limitations to timing
    • Failing to comply with regulations and contracts lowers your trustworthiness. Such deeds could be like:
      • Drunk driving
      • Leaving strange objects or odours in the car
      • Scratching the car and not reporting it.
      • Exceeding desired speed, force and torque limits (by the party to whom the vehicle belongs to).
      • Leaving the gas tank too empty or leaving other fluids empty
      • Otherwise being reckless with other peoples property
      • Failing to return the car to a certain time or place, if you agreed to time limits and/or location limits, when you took the keys the car offered you.
    • Reduced trustworthiness could result result in the following occurrences:
      • Your carsharing contract can be terminated
      • The car you would like to drive says that "I'm sorry but my owner has instructed me not to give keys to such a reckless person as you, have a nice day"
      • Your fees might be higher

    Case: You got a car, and you are not paranoid.[edit | edit source]

    • You can make money off your investment by P2P microrenting your vehicle (when you don't need it) to carpools or car rentals or even individuals directly, when you will be compensated for gas, and the normal wear-tear caused by the vehicle being used and insurance systems cover you for accidents + you get a premium, so you can make your car an financial investment (rent it often enough and you get paid more then you paid for the car originally)
    All you have to take care of is to check that no surveillance or tracking devices have been placed in your car when it is in somebody elses use
    Flying off to have a holiday. Why pay for airport parking when you can have your car working for you when you relax on your holiday?
    Going to the downtown office for 8 hours. why not avoid parking costs and have your car work for you while you work?

    Case: You got a car and you are superparaniod[edit | edit source]

    • Enhanced locking security due to getting a fresh "use and dispose"-key every time from the ignition lock. No more radio spoofers. The ignition lock also charges your key if necessary.
    • Future Bluetooth is rumoured to offer narrowcasting which would allow much faster click-wait-open response times combined with use-and-dispose keys that can be transmitted unencrypted, which is nice when you have escape some assailants to the security of your bulletproof vehicle.

    Case: You got a car and you got a son (why not daughter?) whose got a driver's license[edit | edit source]

    • Tell your son that if he goes over 5000rpm or 140kmh or drives to curves with such a speed that the side-ways acceleration goes over a certain force or presses the gas pedal fully down without a good reason to do so there is good chances that daddy's master key will make the validity of the offspring's keys to vanish faster then you can say "Bluetooth"
    • Or even better: Tell them to drive "reasonably"

    Case: Ultra-smooth switching with Rapid Mass Transit[edit | edit source]

    • You can tell the car where you are going and have the car talk with the network to detect traffic jams and seek possibilities to switch to Rapid Mass Transit such as underground or train if it will hasten your travel.
    • The network can book a place for you to drop the car next to a transport terminal
    • The network can book you a car to switch to after you have passed the traffic jam by using rapid mass transit

    Further infrastructure to support low-overhead P2P carsharing[edit | edit source]

    • Near Field Communication devices installed in gas-nozzles and in the car respectively with interface to the Controller Area Network to avoid hassle over gas bills
    • Bluetooth alternatives to manual road tolls to increase toll-point throughput and enable fare cuts for car-sharing schemes
    • Bluetooth parking meters be continued, until I can get me one of these from my local auto dealer if i win the lottery.

    If the car makers aren't competing to get the Bluetooth locking system fitted first then they either:

    A) Are morons.
    B) Are morons and think that explosion of carpooling would lead to poor economic performance for the factory and lowered stock value.
    C) Are morons and think that a slogan like "We Built The First Bluetooth Car" and their stock value in the year 2103 have no relationship to each other. :(
    D) Are morons and can't see the advantages in having smaller amount of cars used up more quickly allowing for new more ecological models to enter the market more quickly.

    ...ok. done dissin' the rich folks.

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