This is the R&D wiki for this project and has been so for almost 2,5 years. During this time our plans have been made out for making custom software that have now been ditched in favor of using wiki to implement some of our planned features. Plans regarding many things have evolved and obsoleted material is not removed systematically which has lead to this situation where the wiki is internally incoherent and confusing even for oldtimers. I appologise for this laziness in my wiki-tending.

Sometimes when we get the inspiration to really focus on some real issues we usually try to tackle the ancient problems of governance. In this kind of project, which is clearly political... it's very aim is to enable political consumerism much care needs to be put into establishing a power structure that is as lateral as possible because vertical power structures have the downsides of those endowed with more power then the normal user will either or both

  1. become corrupt
  2. be falsely accused of corruption

Parties that feel their position threatened by consumerium-type-of-activity will surely aim to derail consumerium by actively inserting disinformation and those with good intentions might insert misinformation unknowingly which has to be dealt with which means that we must have sysops and as always trolls will attack the sysops and attack even more forcefully the process by which sysops are appointed which is just as it's always been and how it's gotta be.

--Juxo 11:07, 11 Jul 2005 (GMT)


Sorry that I've been so inactive this spring and begining of summer. I will try to focus more on what's really esssential: Getting to implementation phase. The plan in my head right now is that there will be only one wiki that will cover all the langauges, though in the starting phase only English will be allowed for practical reasons. Since Consumerium is not an encyclopedia multiple points of view can and should be simultanously expressed in many articles that "compete" with each other on popularity (votes).

Certain Consumerium:reserved words will be allowed to be used only where they identify the type of article(s) the subarticle(s) are.

Edit wars will not be as prominent as they are in NPOV wiki-projects by letting MPOV play out in parallel articles and subarticles that can be forced to be linked from the "main"-article by using m:User:Juxo/Extensions/ListSubPages-extension. In certain places sub-pages can be used to express support or opposition of the contents or naming of some article. For example, if someone writes an article named SomeProduct/reviews/Product is of low quality, which is a review (a reserved word) you can show support (a reserved word) by putting your signature on page SomeProduct/reviews/Product is of low quality/seconds (as in "second a motion") or opposition by starting an article SomeProduct/reviews/Product is good for use (a lateral article) or by creating SomeProduct/reviews/Product is of low quality/Above review does not portray reality (a sub-article)

So to sum it up... To portray a different view point from some other can be done by lateral articles or sub-articleing the article in question. --Juxo 17:29, 9 Jul 2005 (GMT)

I just upgraded this MediaWiki-installation to the latest version to keep us secure.