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    It's been suggested to call an intermediate page a template but this is not the terminology Metaweb uses, and it's a highly overloaded term, so it's not a great idea. Let's emphasis the "moving from medium to medium" aspect of these pages, not their initial cookie-cutter use to generate empty pages. In general you want to copy good examples as a prototype to get keep best practices evolving not create empty pages from a template that may in fact not yet reflect those practices. So for instance the so-called template is really a series of statements that say "write a list of comprehensive outcomes as good as the one for KitKat McFlurry", etc., always referring to the most extensively researched and succinct pages as a model.

    Umm. Ok. I'll lose the template pages now, you are making a point. --Juxo 18:38, 28 Aug 2004 (EEST)