Simple model for expressing opinions

Basic article namingEdit

basic article name structure is as follows:

/Company name/Brand name/Product name/


/Country name/

at any level short messages can be appended especially in

  • /Company name/feedback/message - these will be delivered to the company in question
  • /Company name/Product name/reviews/message - these will be shown to other consumers and wikifiers
  • /Company name/campaigns/message - these will be shown to other consumers and wikifiers
  • /Company name/Workplace Upgrade Request/message - these will be distributed to all parties

Only special namespace will be [[Consumerium:]] this accomondates for future adjustments

Language selectionEdit

Inserting a ISO two letter language code changes the language of all it's subarticles. This will make it simple to move languages to their own wiki when it's time.

example: Inserting a FI changes the language for subarticles to Finnish /Company name/FI/Brändin nimi/Tuotteen nimi/arvostelu/viesti


Use of categoriesEdit

Categories are used for tagging such as {{Transnational corporation}} or {{Local business}}

Use of redirectsEdit

all 8 and 13 digit number sequences redirect from EAN codes to product pages or company pages (requires detection of 100 vs. 10,000 product namespace)

Use of votingEdit

No voting system for some time after a pilot is launched.

Later on voting by Indirect Votes and Direct Votes and various other methods of votee and vote counting