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==In Research Wiki==
mX6Xur  <a href="http://yawlbhmsrldx.com/">yawlbhmsrldx</a>, [url=http://jqvceeonokek.com/]jqvceeonokek[/url], [link=http://yhtixsugflmn.com/]yhtixsugflmn[/link], http://colvtpmaeojl.com/
*Anonymous edits are allowed. Thus no [[use real names]] policy enforced, other then conflicting names may be moved.
*[[troll friendly|Trolling]] is tolerated.
*[[collating|Syntax and or subarticle structure]] will not be checked and verified.
==From Research Wiki==
Articles deemed valid for Publish information will be transferred '''[[Publish Wiki|to Publish Wiki]]''' by designated Publish Wiki [[sysop]]s and [[bureaucrat]]s and '''perhaps''' by [[User]]s and [[Verified User]]s. At this phase syntax required for automatic assesments will be enforced.
An '''initial version''' of an Research Wiki Article is manually (actually via XML-export-import) further transfers of content [[Publish Wiki|from Research Wiki to Publish Wiki]] may be executed by
#[[Article signing]]. Someone who has been granted the right to sign an article will automatically export it to Publish Wiki; article signing will be conducted from Publish Wiki or
#[[Time-out transfer]] (article not edited for a period of time, how this timing is set may be individually negotiated, possibility of hostile trolling by trivial edits to prevent time-out must be handled) or
#By [[bureaucrat decision]]
How this is done is the most essential part of the '''[[Consumerium Process]]'''.
Edits done to a Research Wiki Article will be tracked and [[Publish Wiki]] will be notified if versions are ''out-of-sync''.
==See also==
* '''[[Publish Wiki]]'''
* [[Development Wiki]]
'''Research Wiki''' is one of the proposed names for the [[Consumerium:intermediate page|intermediate page]] [[wiki]].  
Here [[edits, votes and bets]] may be resolved and maybe disputed by formal [[faction]]s, by [[dissensus]], or whatever other unwise means may be defaulted to.  In other words, it's where what is true enough to publish is decided.  ''See [[Talk:Development_Wiki]] for debate on the naming scheme, and [[Opinion Wiki]] for how it might work.''
<small>This bears similarity to [[Opinion Wiki]], which is now mostly planned to be implemented in the [[Signal Wiki]]</small>

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mX6Xur <a href="http://yawlbhmsrldx.com/">yawlbhmsrldx</a>, [url=http://jqvceeonokek.com/]jqvceeonokek[/url], [link=http://yhtixsugflmn.com/]yhtixsugflmn[/link], http://colvtpmaeojl.com/