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    To infer is to draw a conclusion based on some inputs, the information given (alone). To imply is to provide the inference itself so that one of the pieces of information given is the inference - in which case one either defers to the judgement of the information provider, e.g. GFDL corpus access provider, or challenges it, demanding attribution or some other reference. To infer is NOT to defer, and it is NOT to refer, but rather, to claim that information given implies the conclusion without any further deference or reference.

    When this is done in an unequal power relationship (see troll-sysop struggle) it is necessarily abusive and the ultimate results, expressed inferences and assumed implications, will reflect systemic bias, e.g. clearer and more visible justifications of power grabs by the most empowered groups, obscured or deleted justifications by those less empowered. The least empowered are simply removed without comment, and the inference may clearly be drawn that they are "the other" - unknown and unwanted intruders.