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  • - online webshop for selling and buying 2nd hand clothes.
  • - an auction place intended for the public sector
  • - buy and sell brand-name 2nd hand clothes
  • - buy and sell 2nd hand clothes, a web and mobile apps by Tise AS. Also available in a few other countries
  • - an online marketplace that can be used via web or smartphone app.
  • - online 2nd hand market. If you want to sell items (mostly clothing) you can send them to and they take care of selling and mailing the products to the buyers.
  • - a Finnish online 2nd hand marketplace that works via smartphone app. Also in Denmark and Germany.
  • is a 2nd hand marketplace for (designer) interior items

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  •[1st seen in 2] by Suomen e-tunnus Oy. The company was founded in Tampere in June 2013[2]. Affiliated with Visma and uses their services and has C/O address at Visma Services. Commission unknown.
  • by Finjob Oy. Founded in Kuopio in May 2017.[3] Commission 3,23 %
  • by FLOY OY. Founded in Espoo in May 2016[4] Commission 4,0%
  • by Parage Oy (under auxiliary business name Suomen Keikkalasku Oy) contains salary simulator. Founded in Helsinki in February 2018.[6] No commisssion. Price based on 5€ or 10€ fee per billing.
  • by Laskuttamo Oy, founded in Vantaa in September 2020.[7] Commission 3-4%
  • by Laskutuspalvelu Pooli Oy. Founded in February 2020.[10] Commission 5% + additional service fee 2,8% and social security insurancefee 1,53%
  • kevytyrittäjäpalvelu by Suomen GTM Osuuskunta[14]. Suomen GTM Osuuskunta was founded in Helsinki in July 2018. Auxiliary business name Kevytyrittäjäpalvelu Uuras registered in October 2020. Commission 4% + aditional fee 2,5% which which includes health insurance, operational liability insurance and occupational accident insurance.

Tutorials and comparisons of billing services for individuals

  • is the industry trade association of the billing services providers that claims that its members comprise 95% of the revenua in the industry

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View Consumerium list of price comparison services in Finland for more finance related comparison shopping websites].

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Tämä on Kuluttajisto (Consumerium) kuluttajien voimaannuttamishankkeen toimialoittain aakkosellinen lista Suomessa relevanteista hintaseurantapalveluista.

  • Lista vertaislainapalveluista Suomessa - lainaa vertaisilta vertaisille. Mahtava esim. pikavippihelvetistä ulospääsemiseen ja miksei myös PK-yrityksen pienlainaukseen. Pankille nollan prosentin siivu.

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Autojen hintaseuranta

  • tracking car prices over time. Great for getting the ballpark on price of used cars in Finland. Käytettyjen autojen hintaseurantapalvelu. Näppärä käytetyn auton pyyntöhintojen vilkaisulla näyttävä työkalu.

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Hintaseurantapalvelut elektroniikalle ja muille webshopeissa myytäville tuotteille Suomessa.

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Matkustushintaseurantapalvelut Suomessa

Electricity comparison services in Finland

Sähkövertailupalvelut Suomessa.

Telecom comparison services in Finland

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  • free service to compare real estate brokers' commissions and other costs for selling property and renting property. You can also request tenders for real estate broker services via this service.

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  • etsi palveluita tai töitä aloilta: lastenhoito, au pair, yksityisopetus, vammaispalvelut, vanhustenhoito, eläintenhoito ja kotihoito

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[1st seen in 3]

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These are powered by Digitransit journey planner software at, an easy-to-access service platform provided by HSL, Fintraffic and TVV LMJ Oy.

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  • - realtime traffic schedule for any train station in Finland. Available also as an iOS app.
  • - if your flight was delayed more than 2 hours you are entitled to compensation. takes care of claiming on your (and other travelers) behalf and only charges it's fee if claim was successfull. The site also lists delays of Finland bound or outbound flights in real-time as a service to air travelers.

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  • - taxi companies phone numbers for all of Finland, sorted by municipality, free of charge, by Aittakoodi Ltd.[1st seen in 6].
  • - With a single request for quote, you reach taxis across Finland! - Information regarding your request for quote goes out to our network of over 140 bus and taxi operators by email every business day at 10 AM. Operators respond to your request for quote by logging into the SynergyBus service with their login IDs.. A service by Aittakoodi Ltd.[1st seen in 6]

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