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    The feeling or emotion felt when a transaction is deemed to be agreeable and ultimately acceptable by all parties. To be considered fair, a transactions must be seen to be conducted free of any coercion or exploitation, institutional or otherwise. fair trade is cross-border trade which satisfies this definition - to someones satisfaction. Some claim fairness can be objectively and globally defined for all purposes by all members at least of human species - this is not a popular claim:

    The concept of fair is variously defined but seems always to depend on what participants and observers individually feel is safe and done. There is a range of audit procedures one might apply to determine what is "not fair". Factions make it impossible to settle on one strict and global definition, so this is a contested term - see glossary for other such contested terms.

    'Fairness and an objective definition for it is out of scope of Consumerium, except insofar as our understanding of it is embodied in our choices about infrastructure (not everyone has access to all tools), privacy (especially identifying people), and especially in the glossary where we make important decisions about our ignorance.