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    Empire of Consumerium - all producers of anything use Consumerium Services before marketing to see if their product will turn on the green light or the red light for users of Consumerium checker devices we have patented and controlled so no one can create a bad copy problem. If it's red light, they literally can't get bankers to create money for them to do it. If it's green, it's almost automatic. We are now regulating access to debt.

    The amount of influence Consumerium has on the economy drives companies to go to extremes to corrupt Consumerium Governance organization with bribes and/or blackmail. The focus being naturally to get better ratings for their company and products either by modifying the instructional capital used to regulate governance or by hacking the information systems to make undesireable records disappear and insert non-existent desireable records.

    Eventually, as countries agree to create currency based only on ecosystem health criteria, we have inordinate influence. Having only one currency left on the planet the historical knowledge of how currency rates regulate economical activity is rendered useless and no-one really knows how the economy will behave and how to predict it. Politicians being despaired by their unability to explain economic phenomena due to the dynamics of consumerium which have become so complex that no-one really understands it anymore turn more and more to technocratic control measures and harsher punishments to control large crowds of people who have turned to violent extremist movements having lost all of their wealth due to unprecedented flux in interest rates and employment being very dependent on who is a friend of The Imperial Consumerium Court

    However, enemies prevent us from actually stopping all illegal activity and black markets continue, but all of this is naturally whitewashed away so that the High Comission living in it's ivory towers never has to lay it's eyes on it and can go on waving to the cheering masses.

    Some visions begin to evolve that imagine what would occur if there was a way to classify all products containing plant or animal matter according to its DNA or trace materials.

    Ummm. For an empire you'd need an emperor and I really don't want to know who the fool is that would think it would be nice to be the emperor. Could we please try to stick to more down to earth issues? Juxo