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    This page is for accumulating country information of specific usefullness for Consumerium Services. Also this page serves the purpose of forming a Country template for use in Content Wiki once we figure out what information can be reliably collected.

    See w:List of countries for general information on countries of the world.

    Here be the current skeleton

    Resources[edit | edit source]


    Lists of shared and alternative transport and traveler routers
    Lists of review aggregators and review sites
    Lists of price comparison services
    Lists of alternative financial services
    List of free education
    Countries of the world is where the local information relevant to Consumerium goals is gathered
    and much more in the Consumerium list of lists


    Africa[edit | edit source]

    Kenya[edit | edit source]

    Mauritania[edit | edit source]

    w:Mauritania has the highest prevalence of w:slavery in the world despite passing an anti-slavery law in 2007 after sizable international pressure. Read more in w:Slavery in Mauritania.

    South Africa[edit | edit source]

    Asia[edit | edit source]

    Australia[edit | edit source]

    Registered companies searchable in Internet? YES

    China[edit | edit source]

    Workers' rights in China[edit | edit source]

    Trade unions are forbidden by law in China according to the Finnish media.

    Hong Kong[edit | edit source]

    India[edit | edit source]

    Japan[edit | edit source]

    • "Earth Reforesting System" - not sure if this is going to work, but, at least they started with mediawiki, so maybe they are just waiting for others to chip in, just like Consumerium did. Mostly in Japanese.

    New Zealand[edit | edit source]

    Pakistan[edit | edit source]

    Registered companies searchable in Internet? YES

    South Korea[edit | edit source]

    Workers' rights in South Korea Apparently the workers' situation in South Korea is terrible. There are reports of trade union activists commiting suicide to attract attention to the workers' rights situation in South Korea. see Korean Confederation of Trade Unions (KCTU) web site for more information

    South Korea has probably the longest workweeks in all the developed world with 6-day weeks with 44 hours average working time. There have been rumours that South Korea will be switching to 5-day working week in 2005 but there is yet no confirmation on whether this is true.

    Turkmenistan[edit | edit source]

    w:Turkmenistan has a sizeable w:forced labour problem in their w:cotton industry.

    Europe[edit | edit source]

    Austria[edit | edit source]

    Belgium[edit | edit source]

    Bulgaria[edit | edit source]

    Croatia[edit | edit source]

    Cyprus[edit | edit source]

    Czech Republic[edit | edit source]

    Denmark[edit | edit source]

    Estonia[edit | edit source]

    Finland[edit | edit source]

    Registered companies searchable in Internet? Yes[edit | edit source]

    Law online[edit | edit source]

    Consumer empowerment and activism efforts in Finland[edit | edit source]

    Help for consumers in Finland[edit | edit source]

    Finnish labels[edit | edit source]

    Be vegan in Finland[edit | edit source]

    Buy local in Finland[edit | edit source]

    Reducing, reusing and recycling in Finland[edit | edit source]

    Getting used things to someone that needs them in Finland[edit | edit source]

    • - online webshop for selling and buying 2nd hand clothes.
    • - an auction place intended for the public sector
    • - buy and sell brand-name 2nd hand clothes
    • - buy and sell 2nd hand clothes, a web and mobile apps by Tise AS. Also available in a few other countries
    • - an online marketplace that can be used via web or smartphone app.
    • - online 2nd hand market. If you want to sell items (mostly clothing) you can send them to and they take care of selling and mailing the products to the buyers.
    • - a Finnish online 2nd hand marketplace that works via smartphone app. Also in Denmark and Germany.
    • is a 2nd hand marketplace for (designer) interior items

    Sharing economy in Finland[edit | edit source]

    Recycle in Finland[edit | edit source]

    Information about Finland[edit | edit source]

    Billing services in Finland (for individuals)[edit | edit source]

    •[1st seen in 2] by Suomen e-tunnus Oy. The company was founded in Tampere in June 2013[2]. Affiliated with Visma and uses their services and has C/O address at Visma Services. Commission unknown.
    • by Finjob Oy. Founded in Kuopio in May 2017.[3] Commission 3,23 %
    • by FLOY OY. Founded in Espoo in May 2016[4] Commission 4,0%
    • by Parage Oy (under auxiliary business name Suomen Keikkalasku Oy) contains salary simulator. Founded in Helsinki in February 2018.[6] No commisssion. Price based on 5€ or 10€ fee per billing.
    • by Laskuttamo Oy, founded in Vantaa in September 2020.[7] Commission 3-4%
    • by Laskutuspalvelu Pooli Oy. Founded in February 2020.[10] Commission 5% + additional service fee 2,8% and social security insurancefee 1,53%
    • kevytyrittäjäpalvelu by Suomen GTM Osuuskunta[14]. Suomen GTM Osuuskunta was founded in Helsinki in July 2018. Auxiliary business name Kevytyrittäjäpalvelu Uuras registered in October 2020. Commission 4% + aditional fee 2,5% which which includes health insurance, operational liability insurance and occupational accident insurance.

    Tutorials and comparisons of billing services for individuals

    • is the industry trade association of the billing services providers that claims that its members comprise 95% of the revenua in the industry

    Wikipedia articles about things in Finland[edit | edit source]

    Employment agencies in Finland[edit | edit source]

    France[edit | edit source]

    Germany[edit | edit source]

    Inventions: Printing press, intermodal public transport route planner

    Greece[edit | edit source]

    Hungary[edit | edit source]

    Iceland[edit | edit source]

    Ireland[edit | edit source]

    Registered companies searchable in Internet? YES

    Italy[edit | edit source]

    Latvia[edit | edit source]

    Lithuania[edit | edit source]

    Luxembourg[edit | edit source]

    Malta[edit | edit source]

    Netherlands[edit | edit source]

    Registered companies searchable in Internet? YES

    Norway[edit | edit source]

    Poland[edit | edit source]

    Portugal[edit | edit source]

    Romania[edit | edit source]

    Slovakia[edit | edit source]

    Slovenia[edit | edit source]

    Spain[edit | edit source]

    Sweden[edit | edit source]

    Registered companies searchable in Internet? YES

    • is a 2nd hand marketplace for (designer) interior items

    Switzerland[edit | edit source]

    United Kingdom[edit | edit source]

    Recycling in the UK

    North and Middle America[edit | edit source]

    Canada[edit | edit source]

    Registered companies searchable in Internet? Not determined

    Haiti[edit | edit source]

    Registered companies searchable in Internet? Not determined, highly unlikely

    Ecological questions

    Mexico[edit | edit source]

    USA[edit | edit source]

    • Public Access to Court Electronic Records ( is an electronic public access service that allows users to obtain case and docket information online from federal appellate, district, and bankruptcy courts and is provided by the Federal Judiciary. If a PACER user quarterly usage is $30 or less, the bill will be waived.
    • - The Open Payments Search Tool is used to search payments made by drug and medical device companies to physicians and teaching hospitals.

    Reusing services in the USA

    South America[edit | edit source]

    Argentina[edit | edit source]

    • - a commercial site that offers help on how to manage issues digitally in Argentina

    Brazil[edit | edit source]

    References[edit | edit source]


    1st seen in[edit | edit source]

    1. a Finnish Facebook group "Eettinen, ekologinen ja vastuullinen muoti" [1] concentrated on ethical and ecological wear
    2. 2.0 2.1 2.2

    History[edit | edit source]

    1. formerly known as