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    Consumerium Research and Development Wiki is not:

      • A place to store random snipplets of the potential content that might be stored in the system and delievered to the consumers when the system gets built. Before we can get into that we have to figure out who can say what about what, how to mark it up and how and where to store it, how to set UI defaults so that people won't ruin their day totally by just trying out the system...
    Such content can be noted at various other places, like Wikipedia or Disinfopedia or any of the essential projects that take public input.*
    Note that the US-based large public wikis tend to block IP of anyone "further left" than the US Democratic Party. Use anonymous proxy to get through, or other proxy services, preferably on dialup IP ranges. Also, be sure to check Page History for other work by trolls, and restore it to visibility if it has been censored out of sight for political reasons (this is very common on Wikipedia).