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    A Consumerium intermediate channel page, e.g. for friendly retail is an intermediate page that details every comprehensive outcome of buying any commodity, product, or service from a given channel.

    Channel relates to the last link in the supply chain from manufacturer to consumer ie. it is a location of a retail chain, for simplicitys sake we are going to make the assumption that all locations of the chain carry the same goods (at least in the begining). It can also be a restaurant, bar or cafe.


    Link to the company that owns and/or franchisees this channel

    Class of a channel

    Channels have to be divided into separate classes to determine the likeliest product portfolio a channel will have. We will focus on food delievery channels in the begining with the goal of recording close to 100% of all major channels so that these can be referenced from product pages which list the possible places a certain product may be found and bought or not. These classes are (feel free to add):

    • Hypermarket
    • Supermarket
    • Market
    • Convenience store
    • Kiosk
    • Restaurant
    • Bar
    • Cafe

    Fair trade

    • Are fair trade goods available and since when they have been available. List of product groups where fair trade goods are available and dates they were introduced to the inventory noting if some goods are only occasionally available or not thru-out the chain.

    Private labels

    List of Private labels (ie. specially made and packaged for this chain or a purchasing or a logistics alliance)


    Consumerium Services manage these in the Research Wiki. Differences such as the packaging or transport method or waste disposal policy mean that the same product can have a drastically different impact based on how it is bought: consider buying organice rice in bulk that is transported via ship vs. buying it in small packages that are FedExed by air right to your door...!

    Such pages help people identify healthy signal infrastructure concerns and make choices to, e.g. minimize tantallum use, or maximize Consumerium Service access. See buy book for examples of how this might be done.

    Note that we probably are somewhat more forgiving of various bad practices by suppliers essential to build out the infrastructure initially, but that we must swap out bad suppliers for good ones over time. These pages might go away when the healthy signal infrastructure is stable all over the planet!