Wikipedia Liars Club

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    The Wikipedia Liars Club are those members of the m:Wikipedia Social Club (despite various efforts to assert that m:Wikipedia is not a social club it has been made abundantly clear that it is, in fact, ruled by one) who disregard every effort to reach the truth in a matter in order to control Wikipedia's decisions.

    While many m:liars operate freely at Wikipedia, usually pushing agendas to promote w:Zionism and w:string theory and w:neoclassical economics, and who successfully exploit Wales' belief in these things, they often counter each other leaving only an obvious systemic bias which is "pro-American". It is notable that anti-American Wikipedians declare themselves, while the pro-American Wikipedians don't have to. One can understand many conflicts and who has "won" them based on a simple analysis of who is pro-Israel and pro-USA without being too obvious about it. However, a good deal of controversy is tolerated on these subjects.

    Where the controversy is not tolerated is on identity disputes. The Liars Club co-operate with each other, claim a monopoly on "who wrote what", and are the core operatives in the echo chamber function of Wikipedia, and are primarily responsible for it being a libel pit where an allegation with no grounding whatsoever can be repeated and even become part of actual Wikipedia articles. Their activities on large public wikis should be tracked, and any in which they gain influence should and must be shunned.

    As this causes various real world projects/persons to be disadvantaged, real world measures such as lawsuits and reprisals are already being contemplated by a few parties. There are constant threats, for instance, to sue Wikipedia out of existence on this issue - probably no week goes by without some such allegation on its mailing list, and eventually one will turn out to be backed by lawyers. Basically, inviting the Liars Club in will destroy projects.

    In "What is an Author", 1969, w:Michel Foucault wrote that "the author does not precede the works; he is a certain functional principle by which, in our culture, one limits, excludes, chooses and impedes the free circulation of fiction." It is precisely that function which "limits, excludes, chooses and impedes" which the Liars Club controls by their monopoly.

    Permitting a parallel clique to exist at Consumerium would destroy the project, as it depends absolutely on unpleasant or unpopular truths being exposed in the name of transparency and tracking of comprehensive outcome. Also this project is quite vulnerable to libel pit charges or other consequences of a Liars Club making arbitrary assignment of "who wrote what" or "why"...