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Welcome to Consumerium Youssef! The research and development docs are under GFDL, the XML-spec (when it's written) is under GPL. I guess it's ok to say this is a GFDL-project, because anyone can fork from this.

Thanks for the greetings, I am already contributing to some articles about economy in Wikipedia. I will try to participate....See you. -- Youssefsan

You can link directly to Wikipedia using w:Wikipedia. We are collecting an list of interesting Wikipedia articles in Wikipedia, if you think that there is something useful for us on Wikipedia, that is not quite finished pls put it in Research --Juxo 18:21 Mar 15, 2003 (EET)

hello youssef !

Nice to have you around. Thanks for spreading the word. I hope you included an address. I linked from my wiktionary page in case you didn't. Juxo 03:10 Mar 24, 2003 (EET)