Please sign and share the petition 'Tighten regulation on taking, making and faking explicit images' at initiated by Helen Mort to the w:Law Commission (England and Wales) to properly update UK laws against synthetic filth. Only name and email required to support, no nationality requirement. See Current and possible laws and their application @ #SSF! wiki for more info on the struggle for laws to protect humans.

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Are you trying to induce vomiting or what is the goal of this project?

Umm.. no, it's just your imagination. Can you be more specific about that? mmm. Ok. I see your point. BTW. we've been vandalised in the past by some passworsdpoofer who totally messed up logo 0.1. Shame on you evil passwdrospoofer. Shame on me for using FTP before I got me unix system. Welcome to consumerium Ludvig. I hope you like it here. Juxo 11:59 Apr 6, 2003 (EEST)

So what is Consumerium?

You silly you. You can find out for yourself. Just click on the blue-links, do not click on the red links and you will see some more ...hmmm... text that exlains it. Hope this helps.