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Bio waste and non recyclables in the same bin; Sounds strange. I mean that bio waste can easily be recycled to humus (dirt? ground?). Welcome to Consumerium House Elf. I hope you enjoy contributing to the cause. Yer article on Procruste should be integrated into w:Procrustes to benefit the greater public IMO. Thanks for your input on GM. I redirected GMO to GM, since GMOs produce GM products. And our focus is on products available to consumers and the companies producing them. Juxo 23:21 May 6, 2003 (EEST)

Good evening. Thanks for your welcome. I have probably not understood what you want to do with consumerium yet; so my apologies for any misplaced article.

No prob. Your point on Talk:Procruste is an important one. We just should move the discussion elsewhere.
where ?
I don't know yet. Depends on what we're discussing ;)

Biowaste and non-recyclage : yes, it is stupid. I do not know whether the grey bin is further looked into, and bio waste put apart from non degradable. I do not think so. Perhaps later, we will have an pink bin for the biowaste, and keep the grey for the non-degradable.

I've been thinking that there should be accurate information on recycling to avoid excess work for those who recycle (eg. If beverage cartons are just burnt to produce heat and avoid land filling, then there is no need to wash them thoroughly, on the other hand if they are used to produce some "new" material, then having a clean recycled material would be important. This is maybe not an Consumerium issue, and should be addressed by local waste disposal/recycling authorities/operatives, but it's been on my mind. Maybe here is an thread for a new feature. Hmmm. I'll write some on it soon.
yes. Please do. Idea : the thorough cleaning might not only be a recycling issue, but also a health issue. A yellow recycling bin is emptied only once a week (should I mention the garbage men did not pick it up on the 1rst of may ?), then the content waits in a storage area... Microorganisms (among others) will likely grow. Potentially a health issue for the ones handling the stuff later in the process.
The colour codes you are referring to are not known to me, for I live in Finland and have no idea where you live (unless I go see the apache log and trace your IP, which I really don't want to do now for I'd much rather sleep). This utopian feature has occourred to me that it'd be interesting to compare the amount of packaging purchased per area against the amount of materials recycled in the area and have some laws on tax reduction corresponding with that figure (collective recycling tax break?). But once again, it's utopia: There are numerous reasons why such a thing would not work.

I am not sure though GM products is a good idea. As I explained, there is a confusion between the GMO (which is sometimes directly consumed) and the product generated by the GMO (which is sometimes not GM at all).

Hmm. I'm not familiar with GM issues at all. I just feel that it's an issue to many consumers (including myself)

Would you perhaps like to reveal where you are from and what do you do in genral. We have these couple of trolls (eg. see: 142.177.X.X) around that just use IP-addresses and it's a little annoying, since it's impossible to communicate with them in a normalised manner (talk pages, email, IM...). It's not a must, but it'd be nice. Juxo 00:13 May 7, 2003 (EEST)

I picked up a name for I feared being followed by a troll and becoming visible. A nasty one. There are other trolls I like very much. Elves and trolls can be friends sometimes. They share the same mom. Hum ? What about you ?
Funded_troll needs your attention, House Elf. Also a generic definition of a house elf to match the one for friendly troll would help too.
Thank you for that!

Talk:Essential_projects asks for your attention and those of everyone you can convince, to move to essential projects, which are holding us all back.