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Seeking adventure near Pune or Mumbai?

Choose our [Pune to Mumbai cab services][1] right now! It is a familiar fact that most of the people from Pune and Mumbai want to experience a wonderful adventure in the nearby regions but actually is stuck in choosing the destination. Here are few points for you to explore around Pune and Mumbai:

1) Paraglide at Kamshet

Enjoy a wonderful experience in Kamshet by paragliding along with professional pilots and flying enthusiasts. Apart from that, you can also learn classic Tandem, Acro Tandem styles, and instructional Tandem. Just visit our website and book your seats.

2) Rafting at Kolad

On the banks of the Kundalika River, you can find a drowsy village called Kolad which is apt for kayaking, rafting, and other beautiful activities. Our Pune to Mumbai cab services will take you there safely.

3) Wonderful adventure in Pawna There are lots of adventure and leisure activities in Pawna like camping, trekking and chilling along the lakeside. All you need to do is choose our Pune to Mumbai taxi cab service and the rate is quite reasonable for you.

4) Adventure in Nasik You can have a splendid adventure at a resort situated in the beautiful Nasik. Most of the kids will get engaged in the activities over here in the lakeside resort which is the best for kids and adults. This place is about 200 km from Mumbai.

5) Have fun near Vaitrana river You can enjoy swimming and cliff jumping in the adventure activities of the river. There are other activities over here like 80 ft flying fox, Commando Bridge, air rifle shooting, archery, etc. Just book us and you can cover this 150 km distance from Mumbai.

6) Trek to Rajgad Fort This beautiful fort called Rajgad is regarded as Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj's residence and it is one of the most visited places over here. From Pune, this place is about 80 km.