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    Sorry for being inactive lately. First I was spending some time in the country side and then i attended entrance exams to study international business in Tampere. The exams went well I think so I might be relocating myself to Tampere soon to study for a BBA.

    My finger is finally almost back to normal so I can continue contributing.

    I've sent email inquiring about some details of NFC to NFC-Forum.


    Ok. My finger is finally starting to really heal itself and I can click and type without too much pain so I can now commence operations to develop Consumerium.

    One problem that must be re-addressed is the login-question. Originally we planned to have a one-to-one relation of different languages of Research Wiki and Publish Wiki, but with the revised plan that there is only one Research Wiki that works mostly in English language but facilitates research in other languages too in a similar manner as Wikibooks.


    My finger still needs to heal, maybe i should even go see a doctor, so i'm not participating for a few more days.

    Trolls hope it heals, and hope it is not a bite wound from one of us. We wish only psychological distress on idiots, not physical distress on Lowest Troll!


    My finger is healing slowly. I've been mostly preoccupied with getting the 147 new wiktionaries to work together better for an ultimate goal of "transwiktionary"


    Lately I was chilling in w:Tampere but now I have a sore finger because i burnt it baldy, so typing is painful.