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    THE LAST EDIT BY ME WAS NOT BY ME! FUCKING SPOOFERS. I'LL DO A TRACEROUTE FROM WHERE I WAS ON 27.5.2003. to our serv and narrow down the possible offenders, though the password could have been compromised earlier on and I basically guess which company I can thank for this shit. Well, I changed my pass now...

    27.5.2003 Country side was lovely.

    where do consumers meet and talk together ? You know, I have an old memory. I was working in an organic farm during summer...counting on my fingers...14 years ago (whaouuu...I feel "old"). The moments I loved the most were
    weeding some chinese vegetable or picking up tiny vegetables (potatoes). We were two people sitting in a row next to each other, chatting for hours about...why, when, how...our fingers were busy, and without thinking, we went to our business. So we could chat...and sometimes picked up a worm or an insect
    the farmer's market. Where you buy w:local food. Early, we left in the truck. First we had restaurant people, they were often in a hurry. Did not talk much. Then, we had the HouseElves, always cravings for chit chat. Part of our business :-). Later, we had the tourists, the wanderers. Chatting too. Last, we had the poors. Often, they felt guilty, and they hid themselves. I would have liked them to be the free consumers, but, I was not the boss. Then, we could come back. To another day of weeding, picking up and washing. Or lake swimming when it was too hot. The mature melon was so good. Such a long time ago. Farmers often talk when busy with their hands. If they have someone to talk to, poor souls.

    20.5.2003 Gone to the country side to relax.

    17.5.2003 I'm actually typing this in a military fort and I was a little surprised to find a connected machine at free disposal of the soldiers. I had to get up at 4 am after sleeping for 3 hours so I'm a little tired now and will get back to this on monday. Consumer Consortium == Consumerium. I like that 142.177.X.X :)

    16.5.2003 I run into Brion on IRC the other day and explained our need to have m:Geospatial reference so he started the page on Meta and hopefully someone will come up with a syntax that we can agree on and maybe one day it'll be implemented, which would be great for Consumerium. I'm off to do a few days of military service now. Back on monday, have a nice weekend you all.

    10.5.2003 Ehlo from w:Espoo. I should be back on my ADSL next week. Throat still sore.


    I've had a slightly sore throat for sometime now and I'm trying to get over that so I can get back to some serious contributing. It seems that everyone is more interested in writing fancy declarations and describing elaborate concepts then getting down to the "real" work of specifying software components, which I understand because the one taking charge of the software development will have to face the issue of making it secure, which is stressful.


    You know what? I'm going to sleep now.


    Ok. Recovered from the previous. I took some time off from work and I'm in w:Helsinki now to see some friends and relax. I will of course try to contribute as much as I can, but I'm currently under a lot of mental strain in my private life, so I'm not so efficient at the moment.