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    April 25th[edit | edit source]

    'k .. I'm supposed to say something really intelligent here to mark the occasion of Consumerium turning 10 yrs today .. We are having a little get-together with friends tonite at my place.. I have smoked herring ( odd ) in hot chili sauce ( experimental ) and Schwarzwälder Rauchschinken ( from Schwarzwald as you might have guessed, southmost Germany so it's had a long truck ride thus perhaps a bit unecological ( though they probably shipped the truck from North-Germany to Finland on a RORO-ship so that's more ecological then rubber-wheel ) but it's so delicious ) to be served with fried potatoes and onions for us.. I raise my glass of fairtrade red wine "Thanks all who've contributed during these 315,619,200 seconds that the development work has been more or less ongoing. Thanks to all my friends who've held me together during the bad and the good times. Here's to the next 315,619,200 seconds of Consumerium effort. Cheers." --Juxo - self-confessed ecologist-endulgist lowest troll and/or sysop(presseur)

    April 22nd[edit | edit source]

    Allright. The ConfirmEdit-extension is now fully functional. Back-ups are recent and verified to work, so we are all ready to open up the wiki.

    April 15th[edit | edit source]

    Allright. Progress in making The ConfirmEdit extension work. The ConfirmEdit is now called for page save and such though I've been unable to get the TeX -> PNG rendering to work so it gives an error and prints the math problem in text instead of as a picture.

    So SimpleCaptcha is known to be easily penetrable by existing bots and the current state of MathCaptcha very closely resembles that and is easily solveable by non-bodies ( i.e. bots ).

    The Spam Blacklist extension is installed, using blacklist from and appears to be working correctly.

    There must be umpteen gazillion trillion new MediaWiki features and extensions added since 1.10, so these have to be investigated and Consumerium plans adjusted to take the new features into consideration re Implementation Wiki (and also this Development Wiki )

    April 11th[edit | edit source]

    Aight. Systems are running on Debian GNU/Linux 6.0 ( Squeeze ). Back-ups are working, what was lost in the MySQL meltdown on the old server have been added to the Voting pages ( I hope in a reader-friend. MediaWiki is the latest version as of Wed 2012-04-11 ( 1.18.2 ) so that was an EIGHT MAJOR REVISIONS UPGRADE in one run after editing ONE LINE of the updating scripts which caused an error ( note: MediaWiki is solid ).

    Next steps will be...

    1. ) Installing both CAPTCHA and a regexable blacklisting starting off with "Xanax", "Viagra" and "Cialis".
    2. ) OPENING UP THE DEVELOPMENT WIKI FOR EVERYONE ( except the bots ) to edit !!
    3. ) Celebrating 10 yrs of Consumerium development work online on Wednesday April 25th, 2012