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My thoughts on Consumerium. If you have comments on them, please use the talk page, and don't comment inline.

1) This is a gigantically important and very cool idea. Many many people are willing to become moral consumers if they had the information available. This could be useful in a bunch of ways.

2) I don't want to carry or wear any sort of device with me to the supermarket or any other store. I don't want to pick up a device when I'm at the store (though maybe a book). I don't want to scan barcodes. I doubt many other people want these things either. As far as I'm concerned, these things are needless distractions from the one enormously difficult task: gathering the data. If somebody wants to think about them, that's fine. I just don't want to scan through all the discussion about the development of these in order to find out whether Dole treats their organic banana harvesters as bad as their conventional banana harvesters.

3) The trajectory that I see for this project is:

  • to be filled in soon...