Under a bridge

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    The commonly used example of space located under a bridge helps to illustrate the difference between several important terms in trollish:

    • to patrol the space under a bridge is to harass and do violence to anyone found there, brutally exercising the power of the state or a mob or militia or paramilitary on helpless victims, usually poor trolls
    • to patroll the space under a bridge is to be sure it is safe for peaceful trolls, free of police harassment or other signs of sysopism, and not subject to sysop vandalism such as the destruction of tents, hammocks or other meagre belongings
    • to controll the space under a bridge is to maintain it as a base for a specific group of trolls, e.g. as a trolls nest where they rest or even a trollgnaw where they engage in their raucous politics and (alarming yet intriguing) sex practices
    • to control the space under a bridge is to exclusively occupy it and exclude even nonviolent outsiders - this is not something trolls usually do, unless faced by colonization, e.g. billy goats who wish to graze on troll turf.