Turn-based strategy game

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    The turn-based strategy game is a very popular form of computer game and the one most similar to the original board game form. Examples are:

    There have been views expressed that the faction scheme might be induced by playing too much Alpha Centauri, which has the "countries" defined as factions with colour coding for game play. If there is such a connection it will necessarily carry some of the fantasy world and it's inevitabilities to our world such as the "fact" that the greens and yellows factions try to get rid of the other on sight (by warfare), because they have such opposing agendas. Also generally no one wants to border the blacks that some trolls claim as their colour because they are armed to the teeth and agressive. --Juxo 10:56, 2 Sep 2004 (EEST)

    Ah but there is much to admire among the Spartans. Historically the Greek Spartans were proud of the fact that no one could tell a citizen from a slave.