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Troll culture

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The existence of troll culture is disputed, but not at Consumerium where it is alive and well. Some basic cultural principles of trolling:

  • never acknowledge authorship of anything, only ask if it is correct or fair
  • never ask about authorship of anything, only ask if it is correct or fair
  • never log in, ever, except perhaps to upload picture, then ditch the ID
  • if you are forced to log in, use "troll" in your name so that other trolls can see that you are a troll, proud of it, and standing tall
  • constantly shift IP addresses, and employ anonymous proxy servers to help other trolls pretend to be "you"
  • be as hilarious as possible, ideally employing sarcasm, irony and paradox to the maximum
  • try to document procedures in troll songs that anyone can easily sing
  • come up with as many new definitions as you can for the verb "to troll"
  • oppose sysopism with trollist ideology
  • where necessary invent trollish language that other trolls will learn, and use to coordinate without sysops really knowing what is going on
  • encourage friendly trolling and always help troll-friendly wikis
  • be especially sure to help out projects like Consumerium, which rock

The world trolling anarchization and Wikipedia red faction appear to be two obvious manifestations of troll culture.