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Big thanks to MediaWiki and extension developers and documenters!
Big thanks to the Document Foundation and LibreOffice developers and documenters!

Filed tickets[edit | edit source]

Tickets under observation[edit | edit source]

Looks like Func has solved one of the subtasks of this ticket in phab:T270376, but this one was specifically about wikis with short URLs and where there is no /wiki/ in the URL structure, but lets see if more of the subtasks get solved with this new discovery that (at least in this particular situation) the communication over REST gets routed wrong due to old-style .htaccess or Vhost that do not take into account the REST-communication and thus causes the 404.

Wishlist for KDE[edit | edit source]

First I would like to thank the people who have put a lot of effort into developing KDE Plasma and associated software and the people who make KDE Plasma versions of distributions.

Here are some ideas for feature requests and improvement possibilities that I have rustled up:


  1. KDE Plasma | Feature request for multi-display setups | FILED 443164 It would be nice if the users could press a key which would cause the display the mouse is in to be isolated / walled from the other displays for the duration of the key-press. The payoff of this kind of feature is that it is quick to make 1/1, 1/4 and 1/2 screen arrangements of windows quickly with the "rub window against a side or a corner of a display" in every display.


  1. File manipulation dialogues | They are horribly varied causing a lot of mental strain that should be avoided if possible. Would it be possible to have unified behavior in these dialogues? In some programs the file dialogues files and directories are shown all alphabetically, whilst in some programs it shows the subdirectories first alphabetically and only then the files alphabetically. I prefer the latter. (Maybe this can already be configured ???) Please could we get one good unified "save as", "open" etc. dialogues? (Currently it seems to vary what kind of UI and therefor UI logic there is, which causes mental strain)
  2. KDE Plasma panel | Could it be possible to link programs together so that when one is raised, all are raised?
  3. KDE Plasma panel | Could it be possible to "clone" panels to the other displays? When manually creating panels, their icons are not in the same order, and they seem to move into more disorder
  4. Discover | When installing an app, please make the system mention where was it placed in the menu taxonomy.
  5. Discover | Could be good to show location of app in app menu taxonomy at all times in Discover when viewing info on an app.
  6. Discover | It would be nice if the forward and backwards buttons of my mouse would work in Discover
  7. SDDM / lock screen | Could it be possible to have an option to put the displays to sleep immediately when logging out
  8. KDE Connect Android app | Could we please have the multimedia controls integrated into the remote control so that we could control volume etc. from the remote control view
  9. Gwenview Importer | I would like if it were more verbose e.g. show more verbose info about the progress of importing pictures
  10. System monitor sensor widget | Please could we get CPU frequency into the CPU monitor widget in the panel?
  11. System monitor sensor widget | Please could we get in additional to total used memory also something indicating how much "space" there is for new programs?

Already exists. Cheers!

  1. Discover | A "launch app"-button has been added to Discover (since version ???)

Minor bugs affecting KDE software

  1. Dolphin version 20.12.3 sometimes needs to be restarted in order for it to see newly created files. Moving to another directory and back will not fix this, but restarting Dolphin is a workaround.

I have been using

  • C64
  • AmigaOS
  • DOS with 4Dos
  • Windows 3.11
  • Windows 95
  • Red Hat 5.2
  • SUSE
  • OS X 2002-2011,
  • Dualbooting Windows XP with Bootcamp 2007-2011
  • Kubuntu 2011-2020
  • KDE neon 2020-2021 (5.19 - 5.22)
  • Ubuntu Studio as my everyday OS since Thursday 2021-07-08.

Minor bugs apparently affecting multiple distros[edit | edit source]

  1. Sometimes when starting a VirtualBox the USB-connections don't work. This exhibits despite that sudo adduser $USER vboxusers has been completed. A weird workaround has been found[1] wherein one needs to permute the /etc/group file so that you move the line where your username is associated with the group vboxusers to a different line and the USB-connections start to work again when you start VirtualBox.

Thank yous for tech[edit | edit source]

References[edit | edit source]