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“Consistency is the last refuge of the unimaginative.”

~ Oscar Wilde

Usage[edit source]

This is the preferred template for quotations in Uncyclopedia articles. There are alternatives; do not use them, so that Uncyclopedia appears to be a single work and not several slapped together.

No article has to use quotation marks, and if yours does, it needs to put them in the service of being funny. Please read UNQUOTE for guidance.

The first parameter is a quotation. Don't put it in quotation marks; {{Q}} does that, and consistently with other Uncyclopedia articles.

The second parameter is who said it. If there is an Uncyclopedia article with that as the page name, the person will be turned into a link to that article.

The third parameter is what the utteror was talking about. If present, it will also appear on the second line of the quotation. Use this sparingly. For example, in the article "Carrots", there is no need to use a third parameter to indicate that the person quoted was speaking "on carrots".

Examples[edit source]

{{Q|This is a quote.|Author}} prints:

“This is a quote.”

~ Author

{{Q|This is a quote.|Author|subject}} prints:

“This is a quote.”

~ Author on subject

{{Q|This is a quote.|[[Author|Some guy]]|subject}} prints:

“This is a quote.”

~ Some guy on subject

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