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Before altering this, I suggest we break it up into different pages on the different subjects, since everything in a wiki is always under debate, having one big page for all of it is annoying.

If you think something is controversial, say so at the start.

I think the thing that would really really help is if you would read political economy, all of it, I know the links are still mostly wrong (should go to wikipedia, all of them, to keep the context). But if you knew that then we can talk about safe, fair, done, evil rationally the way the second article does, and then we can think about ignore and forgive and how amoral purchasing can still be allowed, say locally. Then we can have factions that disagree on how local, what exceptions, etc, and we will have most of this Consumerium's politics figured out.

I think we must do this quickly as a year is a long time to wait for the riht people to show up and work hard. Now they are here so let's use them.