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    this needs future planned events as well as past ones - also an official timeline not written by trolls would help, although trolls need their own to list events important to troll culture.

    Suggest someone document historical events and decisions regarding Consumerium:Itself. Probably none should be really ratified as policy, just the proposals and ideas noted, and links to them compiled here, for History of Consumerium and other such accountability purposes.

    Unless history is documented, those who can reliably recount it have an edge. And this tends to put a clique or cabal in charge.

    The same labeling convention can apply to events that we know will happen at some scheduled future time, events we plan, and proposals we need input on. The label thus never changes from the time we know about an event or decision timing, to the time we have to record what was done about it, or not. See TIPAESA for a detailed convention for all this.