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Hm, maybe "troll-friendly" just means "we do not assume we know why you did something".

There's also the general discussion of "troll-friendly wiki" at though the term is not restricted to wikis, obviously.

"I am fearful that our open and trusting nature is making us a haven for trolls. -- Daniel Mayer (aka mav)" [1]

This is the most laughably stupid thing probably ever written even on the vile mailing list. In the very same note as the "open and trusting nature" is espoused, various paranoid assertions are made regarding identity that amount to, given Mayer's other professed beliefs, outing.
Should the troll-friendly article use Mayer as a bad example? He does seem to be among the very worst and stupidest sysop fascists.

Thanks to User:Ziv for pointing out this article needed work. It is such an important topic we must pay more attention to presenting it very clearly.