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Talk:Terminal device

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These are reasonable statements of terminal device types. Why don't we improve this article, leaving the messy speculation in Hardware Requirements and the whole issue of video vs. audio presentation aside for now, and think about the minimum that would actually work (i.e. real actual "requirements"). Then we can rename this hardware requirements <-- note no capital, i.e. no w:capital_(economics), "required"!

Trolls seem to think this can all be best done audio-only. But the Lowest Troll may be a paid by Nokia to promote their latest junk. Perhaps there are three Consumeria:

  • one that works based mostly only on audio and leaving the user's hands free.
  • one that looks good on TV but can't be used because it keeps moving the user's eyes away from their kids or their options, and takes both hands and standing still to use

Most of what's said at Talk:worn device probably belongs here.

Propably it does. but I think we'll merge them into a more precise article like Check-out Consumerium and/or Post check-out Consumerium