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Could be common sense, could be nonsense, could be in one sense or another. A sense is what turns noise into signal.

So shouldn't THIS (Development Wiki) be the Sense Wiki since here are the rules and rationale decided upon which turn Noises (from The Research Wiki) into Signals --Juxo 22:51, 14 Mar 2004 (EET)
No, because developers are basically just noise-makers and noise-filterers. (all serious software development concepts acknowledge chaos, and the eight-arrowed chaos logo should be the development/noise wiki logo!). It is the researchers who provide the sense, the sniffing out, the intelligence. The world doesn't work by rules. It is chaos, and trolls simply direct the chaos by organizing it into factions and campaigns, but it stays chaos. Any sense comes from the researchers. And rubber-stamping it as "OK this is a signal" is an editorial decision, not anything objective. Let's not buy into the en: Recyclopedia: risk society concept of reality, where somehow there are rational top-down rules that are objectively applied. There aren't, and there never will be.