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    This is a very central question, obviously.

    There are not a lot of questions where User:Juxo and the Wikipedia are totally completely reversed, but brand management is one of them. The job of brand management is to make the product seem to match the user's values and needs, EVEN WHEN IT DOESN'T, which is perfectly deceptive, and perfectly opposite to Consumerium Services. Perhaps this point needs elaboration, but in this case the New Troll point of view must be allowed to dominate over the neutral point of view - brand management is the sworn enemy of Consumerium.

    I don't concur. See Talk:Brand management for situations where features work to enhance a brand thus doing the work of brand managers in their place.
    And the ways this will be used for greenwash, which are hinted at there.

    You don't think a "brand manager" can really decide not to use some cheaper source of supply just because it causes deforestation do you?

    No. Brand managers are not in charge of production issues, they just try to finetune the image of the product. take Nike and it's operations as an example of extreme differentation of production and brand management --Juxo 22:49, 9 Mar 2004 (EET)
    Right, and its this "finetune the image" independent of the actual nature o the product that makes brand managers necessarily and only our enemies. There is a sort of truce possible with brand managers of very green or pink products - we will have others to expose first. But ALL of them are liars. Do NOT forget that.

    Can a web of trust be inverted into a web of hate ? That would be more useful. If two people hate each other then that helps others identify that they may be more likely to be sabotaging each other or disagreeing for reasons that have nothing to do with content but are more likely ad hominem reverts.