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You can't do R&D on moral purchasing power without example targets. You just can't do it. You have no basis for scenarios. It just can't work.

When you change your mind, trolls will return.

Until then, enjoy doing this by yourself.

R&D without ANY content is too abstract to draw anyone in to help.

If you're afraid of being accused of bias against Gus K., you're too afraid to do anything.

If i allow anyone to state even one case of Person Y or Company X, however sigificant they may be, then we might be on the road to destroying all the work so far due to the proliferation of propaganda. I'm sorry that the situation is not ready yet for informing people about real-world issues.
Links to Disinfopedia can take care of this - they bio people over there, especially nasty ones.
However, the UN has issued a world travel ban against Gus K. Evidently they felt quite strongly about him. Too bad you don't get it.
Do not apply "precedent" logic where "moral example" logic is required. If the purpose of Consumerium is to change supplier behaviour, then, you must have some examples of behaviour you wish to stop. Just a few, EXCEPTIONS to this rule about profiling... just enough so that the worst cases and best cases of (not) stopping them make sense. Never more than a dozen at a time.
If your methods or scoring DON'T flag the activities of these people, then you know something is wrong with the methods or scoring. That's the only way you can find out. This is another methodological question. Anyway... there is no other way to do it, so, if you won't do it, it's time to go help Adbusters or Greenpeace instead. They evidently care about the chimps and forests Gus is destroying, like the UN does.