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Talk:Hardware Requirements

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Anything that only works if the STORE installs something will fail. If the store wants to help, fine, but the system must work even if the store is actively resisting.

When looking at the planned features you may notice that quite a few of them require that the store is willing to participate in providing the service. Also the store misses out on a few things (like the Advertisement Videos and any feedback the consumers feel free to make visible to the retailer) if it does not participate, but there should always be the possibility to access most of the features over GPRS or WiFi or whatever is available connections

That is, activists must be able to enter the store, match up GTIN codes they scan in with names of products, quickly and efficiently, to log the whole store, identify the worst products... and rate the whole store as to moral goodness... using the community's concept of what sources or ratings are trusted in TCE.


It is not worth doing if the retailer must install junk before the whole thing works.

No, not junk but technology to enhance the consumer experience.

Some will, and will attract moral buyers, but some won't, and it's quite important that people be just as able to use the system when they are buying in an unfriendly store as in a friendly one.

No comment.