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This concept is a good idea for consumerium, since voters are consumers. Note that voters are trolls when they formally refuse their ballots.

Correct. In 2000 in the U.S. many voters became trolls when they actually demanded that their ballots be counted!!! In Florida, many were thrown away.
And, in the US, UK, India and Canada, all voters who vote for minor parties are trolls, since they have no formal power in the system, which locks their factions out of the legislature. Europeans forget how they used to be trolls but now have election systems that make them citizens.
But there are four different topics here, only two are fit for Consumerium. The two that belong are:
How edits, votes and bets combine as transactions in wiki management - and electroll reform as a way of demanding better methods, and maybe demanding even regime change (such as a new Lowest Troll who does not blank legitimate pages!
How Wikimedia provides bad examples for Consumerium Governance Organization to learn from, and avoid. That is, if we set things up right, there will not be so many people choosing to fork off or set up their own faction system (like Wikipedia Red Faction) out of the political structure the board sets up. We probably understand this well enough now and don't need much more on this than is already here. Really what should now happen is for Wikipedia people to read it and demand that "Wikimedia" resign.
The two that do not belong are:
How public-office-election trolls operate and what is their function and powers? See this proposal for an example of how trolls might become a duly deputized officer of their planet.
How instructional capital in the electoral process affects the outcomes of it, and why or how trolls might change that.