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Time to review the so-called hardware requirements and see if they are actually e-waste creation non-requirements.

I view the hardware requirements as something that by market dynamics will be implemented because of demand for such versatile techonologies as Bluetooth for example. NFC is another thing that will in my guess be wildly popular within a few years if the mobile phone manufacturers decide to go that way. I guess i should contact the major vendors for inquiring about their intentions
These are just assumptions, and "intentions" mean nothing. Again I refer to PCS base station handoff, which was certainly intended and promised, but which quite a few small companies died waiting for. Let's not go that way. THere is also no demand for "technologies", there is demand for features.
regarding NFC because for Consumerium:Usability it would be great feature on mobile terminals. It is not controversial and potentially dangerous as RFID is seen by many.n --Juxo 13:49, 10 Mar 2004 (EET)
Perhaps true, but, until it hits the retail shelf, it's not our problem, nor our opportunity. Paper Consumerium is far more promising an avenue, and after that, I'd shoot for audio delivery using FM radio or cordless protocol. These other things always take longer than you think, and only a tiny number of people have them.

The term e-waste is actually inadequate as it focuses on waste disposal and not the whole comprehensive outcome, e.g. of tantallum mining.