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    Trolls thank other trolls for correcting the factual error, and also for being rude ("damn history"), as this validates troll tactics in general.

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    Please show examples from websites of users "driven off by trolls"--Genyphur 05:50, 24 Sep 2004 (EEST)

    Larry Sanger, co-founder and first chief editor of Wikipedia, blamed trolls for his departure - he had already quit but he came back once in a while to work, and, when he said he would come back no more, he blamed the trolls. Ought to be easy to find this, maybe on m: was where he made the comment.
    If sysops are considered trolls (which trolls do consider them to be, though the very lowest kind of troll incapable of trolling without special technological escalation powers that most ordinary trolls despise) then obviously we have infinite examples of people driven off sites by them.