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A wiki needs sysops. Period.

It needs *ONE* sysop to deal with Vandalism. Only. As soon as sysops start to label and resist trolls, their function of stopping vandalism also stops. It's like trying to get cops to control political activity by "subversives", it leads to a police state.

Listen here, i'm stuck with gazillion system operators and my usual stance is that the operators don't mess with me and so it's all calm. --Juxo 22:15, 2 Jul 2004 (EEST)

Yes well as Lowest Troll you should know how to grovel and squirm. But that does not mean you like it. ;-) You put up with it because of good results. Look how much better we get along with unreasonable people here than Wikimedia does - they have bureaucracy and formal disputes systems and still fight all the time, we more or less turn every fight into troll poetry and then think about it for a good long while before making the next move. And there is no sysop vandalism which keeps the good people coming back.