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    moved from Consumerium:itself as it regards the bad page name dispute here.

    This is the standard name for links that describe the mission of the entire project.

    A bad, strongly protested, move to Consumerium:Consumerium itself, is being made repeatedly.

    No "moves" have been made. Learn to distinguish between move page and redirect.
    The first time it was a move, the second time, a redirect.
    And "repeatedly" is also a false statement
    These pages were moved without redirects, that is misleading and confusing. They did not obey the standard. When new pages were created that obeyed the standard and explained the standard, they were moved. That is "repeatedly".

    This is an example of sysop vandalism.

    Moving things out of standard name spaces to where they cannot be found is vandalism, you might as well name the page sdfsfdsd:Consumerium:itself, it's just as hard to find as "consudev:Consumerium:itself"
    When a discussion on the namespaces is initiated, as it has been, to unilaterally begin to move things around to your preference is bullying, that's also sysop vandalism.

    It simply moves things from well defined readable names where they can be found, to bad names where they cannot be found.

    Sheez... Go on abou this and I'll rename the "project"-namespace to "meta" just to piss you off. --Juxo 18:17, 27 Aug 2005 (GMT)
    Wherever you see "project:" that is meant to be replaced by THE NAME OF THE PROJECT, i.e. Consumerium:Copyright should be linked in the footer tag on each page.
    And good luck pissing off trolls, we are notoriously patient