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This article is state-of-the-art trolling since it trolls the concept of metaphor completely and to fix it would require much more work then just deleting it. Maybe settle for a link from Strange articles and no-protection in the hope that no-one tries to fix it? Juxo 09:42, 23 Dec 2003 (EET)

Your ideology seems stuck in the 17th century. A "metaphor" is MORE BASIC than the words used to describe it, and that's obvious to anyone who speaks or reads more than one language - clearly people who don't use the same metaphors can communicate, and that's because of these deeper w:conceptual metaphors.
If you don't understand the article, leave it alone until you do understand it. The strange articles list is so far just "things Juxo doesn't get", and that's a better name for it.
You are correct, however, that comprehending basic conceptual metaphor (man as ape, planet as alive, bodies as real, concepts as not real) is the basis of all troll theory. Probably the greatest troll alive is w:George Lakoff. We are not worthy.