Static to dynamic server log

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    The static to dynamic server log is kept on each point of purchase device. When the static data is updated, the log is merged with the server log that static data came from. Therefore, not just the asking for updates but also the actual usage data is collected on the server logs. There is already an architecture for this, used to compile hit data from web caches, for accurate CPM counts in web advertising. If HTTP is used for the dynamic data, then the static data can be seen as a web cache, to the server box, which doesn't realize it's being put in this form only for integration.

    In effect, each time you swipe the barcode, it's treated as a web page view. Each time the point of purchase device updates its static data, it is treated as a web cache refresh. The device is just another web server as far as the server box is concerned. Even if it's sitting in a watch.