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absolute requirement
[[Consumerium]] must be able to do an '''[[XML]] dump''' of the [[Content Wiki]] and [[Opinion Wiki]] at any time, if the material in them is [[GFDL]]:

The terms of the [[GFDL]] require certain access to [[source text]] that is simply not met by [[mediawiki]] used to support a [[large public wiki]]. To actually use mediawiki on such a scale seems to violate important GFDL terms. Any element of the [[GFDL text corpus]] must remain available in source form to anyone, and no page in it can be distributed without the URL of a source form that can be instantly retrieved by ''anyone''. This includes those "banned" by the [[sysop power structure]]. Mediawiki however does not provide this access - ''do [[MoinMoin]] or [[tikiwiki]] ? on [[Usemod]] no one seems to ever block IPs either''.

The GFDL guarantee also includes those who do not intend to use the mediawiki software. Bulk dumps are available only in MySQL format, which can be difficult software to run, and, is certainly not suitable for most purposes of a [[large public wiki]] (text searches, for instance, take an extraordinary amount of compute and disk time). [[Enemy projects]] violate the GFDL quite at will, seemingly with no immediate consequences, but we don't dare to do that...
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