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This page is for recording random facts that are relevant to think about when designing Consumerium

Consumption and wealth

  • 12% of the worlds population lives in North America and Western Europe, but 60% of the Worlds private consumption is done by these people as almost opposite to South Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa where a third of the worlds population lives but only 3,2% of consumption is done by these people
  • In 1999 2,8 billion which is two fifths of the world population had to live on under 2$/day. 2$/day is considered a minimum income by the UN and the World Bank. Of these 1,2 billion lived in extreme poverty meaning having to survive on under a dollar a day


  • In 2002 approximatelly 4000 to 5000 billion plastic bags were produced, ranging from light fruit-bags to heavy-duty garbage bags